Dental Assistant of the Year 2014
Do you know the next Dental Assistant of the Year? Or are you the next Dental Assistant of the Year? Inside Dental Assisting is accepting nominations for the 2014 Dental Assistant of the Year. Please join us in celebrating the contributions made by dental assistants everyday and everywhere.

Please fill out the fields below to select either a colleague or yourself. We receive nominations for many excellent candidates, so be sure to supply as much information as possible, including the practice's name. Contest closes Monday, Sept. 8.
Years of Service


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2013 Winner
Karrie Schutt
“As a dental assistant, you make a difference every single day. You have the ability to take someone and help improve their life and health."
2012 Winner
Debbie Jones
“Dental assistants have quite a bit of responsibility on their shoulders, but I feel we could contribute much more in many different aspects of oral healthcare.”
2011 Winner
Dixie Vallie
“Dentistry is constantly changing, so there is always a lot to learn in this profession. If you don’t learn something new every day, you’ve missed an opportunity.”
2010 Winner
Patricia Pepe
“So many doors have opened up for me. I really am happy to be here, and I welcome others to join us.”
2009 Winner
Mary Ellen Vaugh
“My dream is to advance the careers of dental assistants through education, legislation, and credentialing.”
2008 Winner
Carletta Carter
“In making it a career you will get involved with your dental assistant society; you will get involved in continuing education. In making it your career, you’ll enjoy what you do.”